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Writing with Light is a movement to support nonfiction photography in which the integrity of the photographer, as the author of the image, is considered to be paramount in establishing the photograph’s veracity.

Nonfiction photography is a recording of the visible in which the photographer strives to represent actualities (events, people, etc.) in a fair and accurate manner with appropriate context.

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In the realm of visual storytelling, a compelling movement has emerged among nonfiction photographers, dedicated to preserving the authentic essence of photography’s original intent. This section provides useful resources for the movement.

About Us

Writing with Light is a group of individuals and organizations that advocate for authenticity and credibility in nonfiction photography. We hope that the standards provided (or ones inspired by them) will be widely adopted by individuals and news organizations, and that they will help lead to a larger discussion on the integrity and future of visual journalism.

News and Events

Writing with Light is a movement to support nonfiction photography by privileging the integrity of the photographer as author.

As a movement run by volunteers and we do our best to spread the word through articles and events.  We encourage everyone to hold your own events, town halls , and to write about and spread the word about the movement.

The Power of Photography

As a credible witness to world events, at times the photograph has played a pivotal role in provoking societal debate and influencing the policies of governments. The extensive digital manipulation of photographs over the last three decades, along with the advent of photorealistic imagery generated by artificial intelligence systems, put this ability at risk.

Bibliography and Glossary

Since the end of 2022, the popular press has exponentially increased its coverage of generative artificial intelligence. We have produced this bibliography to help photographers keep abreast of developments in this rapidly evolving environment. Suggestions are welcome: email authentic@trust.photography, maintained by Marshall Meyer.

The aim of the glossary is to share terminology being used in discussions about generative artificial intelligence, and photojournalism and documentary photography

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